Saving Station Foundation Seminars

Drug Awareness Seminar

The organization offers seminars to schools, CEGEPs, universities, sports organizations, and corporations explaining and educating youth and the public on the realities and devastation of drugs and substance abuse. These seminars increase awareness of the problem and initiate discussion between students, parents, teachers, etc. These seminars typically last about 90 minutes followed by a Q & A session.

Drug Timeline Seminar

This is a one-hour program that teaches parents and addicts the stages that drug and substance abusers go through. It is the first step in understanding where a person is and how far along they are on the drug timeline. It helps determine how much effort it will take to get the addict clean.

Hardcore Workshop

Hardcore is a specialized workshop seminar that teaches kids who are actively using drugs on how to stop using and how to prevent relapses. Hardcore is a four phase workshop and involves the collaborative effort of Alvin Powell, law enforcement, and parents all working together in the war against drugs.

The Family Workshop

The organization offers family workshops to familiarize parents with the first signs of drug use and abuse. Parents will learn tips for talking with their child about drugs, etc. Parents will learn to recognize physical signs and behavioral gestures that are tell-tale warnings that there is a problem. They will also learn drug-specific symptoms that are related to various substances.

Bullying Seminar

The bullying seminar will assist schools in developing and implementing a plan of action to reduce and prevent the incidence of bullying. The seminar provides information to help students, teachers, and parents to better understand bullying behaviour and its consequences. The goal is to help strengthen the psychological, physical, and social safety of the school in an effort to eliminate bullying.

The Twelve Step Seminar

Through the twelve-step program addicts who have destroyed their lives will learn how to regain control over their addiction, which will enable them to regain control of their lives. The “Twelve Steps” are the core of the personal recovery from addiction. They are not abstract theories; they are based on the trial-and-error experience. They describe the attitudes and activities that are important in helping addicts achieve and maintain sobriety.

In-Home Sessions

A highly effective and impressive way of initiating a dialog between parents and children. Alvin Powell goes to your home to discuss alcohol, drug or behavioral related issues.