2023 – The Rib ‘n Reef Terrasse 
“5 à 7”

1) Alvin Powell, SSF Spokesperson and Director of Prevention Services
2) Luca & Alvin
3) Nick Suzuki autographed jersey, live auction
4) Hal Hannaford, former Selwyn House Headmaster and volunteer charity auctioneer extraordinaire
5) Michael (volunteer), Lyly (Committee Treasurer), Lorne (VP), Alvin, Richard (President and founder) & Shauna (volunteer)
6) Greg Gomes, Dr. Angela Genge (Board member), Alvin & Jean Daoust”
7) Gabe, Alvin and daughter, Haven

2022 – The Rib ‘n Reef Terrasse 
“5 à 7”

(1) Alvin Powell
(2) Richard Marroni, Alvin Powell, Cablek volunteers extraordinaire
Lyly Nguyen, Andrew Reynolds & Shauna DeSouza, with Lorne Silcoff
(3)  Our magnificent MC Chantal Desjardins
(4) Otis Grant, Doug Bellevue & Giovanni DiLegge
(5) Jean and Kim Daoust, Kathy Holland, and Graham Smith
(6) Chantal Desjardins and Gavin Fernandes

2019 – Omni Hotel – SSF Gala

Special Guests: Chris “Knuckles” Nilan

(1) Alvin Powell, MC Terry DiMonte, Chris Nilan, Lorne Silcoff, Richard Marroni
(2) Gina’s Award – R. Nicolas Marroni, Richard Marroni, Recipients Otis Grant & Doug Bellevue, Lorne Silcoff
(3)  Alvin, Auctioneer/former Headmaster at Selwyn House Hal Hannaford, Chris Nilan
(4) Chris Nilan’s impactful talk to our guests
(5) Alvin, Jennifer Zerczy & Paula Keays/McKesson Canada, Chris Nilan
(6) Our guests

2018 – Omni Hotel – SSF Gala

Special Guests: Otis Grant & Jacques Rougeau

(1) Former world middleweight champ Otis Grant, Alvin Powell, former WWF champ Jacques Rougeau
(2) Gina Bertozzi Marroni Award presented to Terry DiMonte. SSF VP Lorne Silcoff, Terry, SSF President / Founder Richard Marroni, Alvin Powell
(3) Montreal’s finest and friends of the SSF – Giovanni DiLegge and John Spagnuolo
(4) Alvin Powell keynote address
(5) SSF team – Kathy Holland, Lorne Silcoff, Lyly Nguyen, Shauna DeSouza, Alvin Powell, Richard Marroni
(6) Dinner

2017 – Omni Hotel – SSF Gala

Special Guest: Larry Holmes

(1) Former World Heavyweight Champ Larry Holmes, Irwin Silcoff, Alvin Powell
(2) Gina Bertozzi Marroni Award presented to Glenn Kelly and Chantal Laurin – Sophia Marroni, Niccolo Marroni, Alvin Powell, Richard Marroni, Carlo Marroni, Glenn, Chantal, Lorne Silcoff
(3) MC Terry DiMonte
(4) Alvin Powell keynote address
(5) Pembroke Private Wealth Management table – successful auction winners
(6) Former World Heavyweight Champ Larry Holmes tells his story

2016- Sofitel Hotel – SSF Gala

Special Guests: Guy Carbonneau

(1) Ian Aitken, Canadiens great Guy Carbonneau
(2) Alvin Powell, Terry DiMonte, Guy Carbonneau, Lorne Silcoff
(3) Alvin Powell, Jennifer Zerczy and representatives of Norton Rose Fulbright, with Guy Carbonneau
(4) Alvin Powell connects with the guests
(5) Richard Marroni
(6) Task Micro Systems table – Doug Bellevue, Otis Grant, Gavin Fernandes, and friends. Kathleen Bolton performs

2015- Sofitel Hotel – SSF Gala

Special Guest: Guy Lafleur

(1) Hockey legend Guy Lafleur, Alvin Powell
(2) Guy Lafleur with SSF VP Lorne Silcoff & family
(3) Guy Lafleur with SSF Pres. Richard Marroni, Hayley Saftens, Alvin Powell

2014- Sofitel Hotel – SSF Gala – 10th Anniversary Milestone!

Special Guest: Anthony Calvillo

(1) CFL legend Anthony Calvillo, Alvin Powell, SSF Benefactor Mark Smith
(2) Anthony Calvillo, MC Andrew Carter
(3) Gina Bertozzi Marroni Award presented to Anthony Calvillo by Jennifer Zerczy and Robert Lando
(4) Alvin Powell speaks
(5) Alvin’s keynote presentation
(6) Montreal’s finest and SSF friends John Spagnuolo and Giovanni DiLegge, with champ Otis Grant

2013- Rib’N Reff – SSF Gala

(1) Alvin Powell
(2) Alvin Powell with early & ongoing supporter Robert Lando
(3) Champ Otis Grant picks a winner, with Alvin Powell

2012-2011 – Le Living Room – SSF Gala