Letters from Organizations

Student and Parent Feedback

Feedback from Selwyn House students and their parents:

N (grade 10-1) told me last night Alvin Powell was the best and most inspirational speaker he’s heard since Kindergarten.

A in Grade 8 virtually reenacted the entire presentation on the ride home to Outremont. Great springboard for discussion. The drugs ‘feel’ good portion was especially important for adolescents to hear and acknowledge.

You get a thumbs up from me!

I wanted to tell you that P (Grade 11) has not stopped talking about the speaker today. He is a boy of few words and he was so moved by Mr. Powell’s speech. He even quoted from what was said and remarked many times on how much sense he made and how honest he was with his stories.

M (Grade 10) took me through the entire presentation when he got home. M said Alvin made the strongest and most credible case for staying away from drugs that he has ever heard. Clearly, the speaker really got through to the boys.

As soon as G (Grade 9) got in the car he told me about this amazing speaker at school today. Having an older brother who was mixed up with alcohol and marijuana this topic really hit home for him. He is already against these vices but this just sealed the deal. Thanks.

Both J and N (senior school) thought Mr. Powell was great. They found him genuine and honest…To quote them “The best speaker we ever had at Selwyn”. I can tell by the way they described his talk that his message really resonated with them. Thank you for exposing the boys to his compelling story.

N (Grade 8) was a fountain of information and clearly, this man made an impact. It was nice to see our quiet son so talkative and engaged. A great initiative to bring Mr. Powell in to speak to the boys.

Just wanted to let you know the speaker Alvin Powell you had today for senior school seemed to make an impact on C. Over dinner he recounted the incredible story, which was the first time he has ever come home and told me about a speaker! Sounded like he really got the boys’ attention.

I wanted to let you know how much today’s speaker truly touched T in Grade 8. He told me Mr. Powell’s entire life story from beginning to end and said that he has never felt so inspired by anyone. You have provided a real gift for our son and I’m sure many other boys at school. Thank you!

He definitely made an impression on N. Our Grade 8 son had trouble understanding why someone with that much talent would throw it all away. I explained to him something that sometimes gets overlooked. Drugs are very addicting and you don’t plan on getting addicted….but just trying them could lead you down a very dark path. I can only pray that N and the other boys manage to stay clear.

Just a quick note to let you know that M (Grade 10) was very impressed by the presentation yesterday. It was the first thing he talked about when he came home. I think part of what M appreciated was the honesty of the speech. For example, the fact that Alvin Powell spoke about how a lot of people feel great when they first start doing drugs seemed much more credible than simply telling the kids that drugs are bad. Obviously, I was happy to hear that he followed up by explaining the many negative sides of drugs and alcohol! Thank you for organizing a conference that touched on such an important topic and also seemed to be well adapted to the kids.

E (Grade 8) said it was the best presentation he has ever heard. He spoke to me in depth about what he heard and how moved he was. He has already sent an email to the speaker that I have asked him to forward to you, as I think it is better feedback than I can offer. I know he also spent a great deal of time speaking with him after the presentation which he also found inspiring. Thank you very much for arranging this.

Talking to you today inspired me, not only your speech in front of everybody but when it was just a few of us. I have never had an adult who has actually talked the truth to me. All other adults just preach about how drugs are bad and to never do them. I felt like I could actually relate to you in some ways.

I just thought I’d share with you some of my Grade 7 son’s reflections at the dinner table. After telling us all about the life of Alvin, his sister (older) asked if he would ever try smoking a joint. His reaction was NEVER as he wouldn’t want to imprison himself in this habit. He went on about what Alvin explained happened to him. He also had strong arguments about alcohol and seems to be against all forms of drugs.

He actually considers my morning coffee a drug and thinks I should try and quit!

I congratulate the school in choosing this speaker, he most certainly affected my son in a positive way.